Wednesday 20 April 2016

2 Poems by Neal Ostman

Have Heard, 

people say we are
sun, moon, and stars
mysterious gods. 

we are on
different planets. 


Ensconced under the ancient oak
content with nature.
Wondering about the sounds
one hand clapping - a tree falling in the forest-
the oak replies crisply, with detachment. 


Neal Ostman began writing poetry in 1998. Since then, his poetry has appeared in various journals, anthologies and e-zines including: artsDFW guide;; Electric Acorn, Dublin, Ireland; The Fort Worth Poet;; Lllya’s Honey 2010; New Texas 2001; Poems Niederngasse; Pierian Springs; Red River Review, Under the Streets and Bridges, and Wired Art from Wired Hearts. His poetry readings have been well received at many venues in Dallas/Fort Worth, Denver, and other cities in his travels. 

Neal has taught writing and poetry seminars at the OU Short Course on Professional Writing and Texas Writers’ Conferences, respectively. In addition to poetry, his published credits include, humor and op-ed columns and business articles. Neal is a member of the Dallas Poets Community, The Poetry Society of Texas, and the Trinity Writers Workshop. He lives in Colleyville, Texas. 

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