Wednesday 20 April 2016

2 Poems by Amber Forbes

Dear Hunger Pangs, 

This desert body
needs no oasis.
You feed this
lovely barrenness--
emptiest desert
ever seen.
Storms come through,
thunder explosions
rattle this lifeless land.
No creature crawls,
no cacti grow,
no scrub subsists,
no wind shifts sand.
The storms come and go,
the sun exists in darkness. 

Dear hunger pangs, 


Letter from a Dead Girl 

Dying is not
a feathery bed.
It is not a rest
for the beaten.
Suicide is not
a sin--neither
is it a savior.
Redemption is

Who you were
in life, is who
you will be
in death. 


Amber Forbes is a young adult author, and her first book, When Stars Die , was published by AEC Stellar Publishing, Inc. It is now being re-released by Gnome on Pig Productions, and it is part of a trilogy. She has published in The Oddville Press , Sorean: A Gothic Magazine , Sleeve, 2013: A Stellar Collection, and is having more poetry appear in an anthology titled Purple Sparks: Poetry by Survivors of Sexual Violence . As well as being a writer, she is a student and will graduate with a BA in English in March 2016. She is also studying for the American Council on Exercise to become a personal trainer. She currently works as a marketer in Augusta, GA and occasionally takes on projects for editing. You can find out more about her at . 

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