Wednesday 20 April 2016

5 Photos by Yuan Changming

scenes captured in lianhuadang, my native village in china (on 9 october 2015)
some have been written into english poetry
others still remain in my chinese memories
to be or not to be
translated into word's worth


  1. Dear Changming,

    Thank you for sharing your beautiful photos. Yes, and some things are too personal to share. Those photos that are uniquely ours--representing something to personal or meaningful to share with others. I grew up in rural Minnesota. The cattle were for the most part holsteins. We were town kids but we spent many fond memories on farms. Guess what, I even enjoyed picking rocks--my cousins thought I was crazy. Those times are fond memories. Thank you for reminding me how special my childhood was.


    1. thank you so very much, dear Karen, for your kind appreciation of my photos! indeed, it is my childhood experience in a remote chinese village rather than anything else that has made me a poetry scribbler, as well as who i am now. warmest greetings from cy, a chinese village boy

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