Wednesday 20 April 2016

2 Poems by Christopher Kennedy

The tall man is here. 

I see flowers, dripping from his hands; 
that flow towards me. 

Following my song lines, 
it encircles me; 
my slim form explodes, 
like a cat tie-dyed in neon. 

This epiphany, this fractal, 
this stupid, cultured, 
thing called love. 

Madness becomes Normal 

Insanity made me turn 
from the things that I loved - 
sanity became a two-up ring ending in its’ loss – 
mercurial madness swam in the air I breathed 
as the coins spun crazily 
then fell crashing to the floor. 
At last, I awoke – in asylum – 
protected from a world that seemed 
as mad as I once was. 
I gorged on newspapers decrying “terror!” 
on their front pages, 
while I sat in a locked ward 
laughing at their conceit. 

Christopher Kennedy started out as a humble student of Chinese in Western Australia. He became a journalist on local papers, followed by a trip to Sydney where he stayed for fifteen years working for many papers and magazines. Returning to Perth in 2001, he has been writing novels, poetry and plays. He has read his poetry in a number of venues and published a number of small chapbooks. He has also published on the web. 

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