Sunday 5 November 2017

1 Poem by Avril Meallem and Shernaz Wadia

Avril and Shernaz together developed the innovative genre of collaborative poetry writing that they called “Tapestry Poetry”. They published their first collection of “Tapestry” poems in  2012 are now in the process of publishing a second volume. They have won several 1st prizes and honorable mentions for their “Tapestry” poems on the “Your Space – Muse India” e−journal. Information on this genre can be found at :

Born to Fly

Oh, to be a bird!
To soar and glide with the wind,
the whole sky my stage.
But I was not created with wings.
My mission is bound to this earth,
to love and care for it,
to take my place in the history of mankind
and only in my dreams
to experience the joy flight.        

Mama, Papa, if brother is your prince
Am I not your precious princess?
Then clip not my wings, cage me not
The ‘dos’ and ‘don’ts’ of conditioning
Those ‘musts’ and ‘must-nots’...
Don’t stunt my growth. Don’t let me wilt.
Leave me not to be trampled underfoot,
Just be the guiding force under my wings
Gracefully, gratefully, to my dreams I will soar.


Born to Fly – Tapestry

Mama, Papa, if brother is your prince
then am I not your precious princess?
Am I not created with wings too?
Must I experience the joy of flight
only in my dreams?

The ‘dos’ and ‘don’ts’ of conditioning−
those ‘musts’ and ‘must-nots’
bind me to this earth,
stunt my growth and make me wilt.
Why clip my wings and cage me?
Why can’t I rise and glide with the wind,
the whole sky to be my stage?

Please leave me not to be trampled underfoot.
Love and care for me that I may
take my place in the history of mankind.

Just be the guiding force under my wings,
and gratefully, gracefully, to my dreams I will soar...
 Oh, to be a bird!

                                                      Avril  & Shernaz


Avril Meallem was born and educated in London.  She studied physiotherapy and other complementary therapies and worked with children with special needs and in an adult brain injury unit.  On retirement she immigrated to Israel with her husband and now lives in Jerusalem. She has a deep connection to her Jewish religion and aspires to live by its basic tenet of  ‘Love your fellow as yourself’ and to see the good in all people. Her poems have appeared in various literary journals and anthologies in Israel, USA and India. She has also published two collections of her poems: ‘Dancing with the Wind’ and “Come Sit with Me by the River”

Shernaz Wadia is a retired primary school teacher, and lives in Pune, India. She was educated in St. Joseph’s High School, Valsad and Wadia College, Pune. A Zoroastrian, she follows the basic tenets of her religion — Good Thoughts, Good Words, Good Deeds. She is a peace-loving home maker, who firmly believes in live and let live. Her articles, short stories and poems have been widely published in web journals and anthologies. She has also published “Whispers of the Soul”, a collection of some of her poems.  She is a columnist for the web journal “Different Truths”.

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