Sunday 5 November 2017

2 Poems by Catherine M. Moscatt


My mind is a machine that cannot rest
A tool that always overheats
Constantly whirring
Constantly humming
Like a house on the corner
Of two busy streets
There’s never quiet
Never peace
I see it
But it’s out of reach
Confusion, noise, it’s all I know
A flower buried by the snow
I’m suffocated
My mind is dark and complicated
I dream of better things to come
A place my troubled thoughts can run
A mind not damaged by such violence
I dream one day that I’ll find silence


You promised me a garden
Where the flowers never die
You told me if I trusted you
Then together we could fly
But at my feet are wilted flowers
Battered by the weather
And I see no wings upon my back
No, not a single feather

You promised me a kingdom
You told me I could be the queen
We’d live together in a castle
Where true love would reign supreme
But there’s been a revolution
And I now am locked away
My voice is like your love for me
Growing weaker every day

Now I know that every word you said
Was not to be believed
Your words were only hollow shells
From the time they were conceived
Because you carved a knife from my own trust
And then you cut me open
I learned that promises of love
Are better left unspoken


Catherine is a 20 year old counseling and human services major. Besides poetry, she enjoys playing basketball, listening to loud music and watching terrible horror movies. Her poetry has been published several magazines including Sick Lit Magazine, Phree Write Magazine and Muse- An International Poetry Journal.

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