Sunday 5 November 2017

2 Poems by Chimezie Ihekuna

The Making of self in the light of the tree (i)

I’m Rooted in Self-discovery
I’m Stemming out in Self-realization
I’m Branching forth in Self-Dynamism
I’m Leaving in the process of Self-completion
I’m Flowering in Self-propagation
I’m Fruiting in Self-Productivity

The Making of self in the light of the tree (ii)

Grounding myself to the soil of firm belief

Planting my sub-conscious to the root of truth

Stemming my conscious to the length of longevity

Branching my super-conscious with the illumination of change

Fruiting my higher self to the energies of the cosmos...


Mr. Ben, as he is called, is a poet, playwright, an internationally published and a represented author, speaker and voice-over artist whose agenda is to see to the betterment of people through his creativity. See more of his works at,

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