Sunday 5 November 2017

2 Poems by milt montague

the curtain falls to thunderous applause
the lead singers appear and accept
the plaudits and bravos of the audience

another hugely successful performance
of the classic opera Carmen

the tale of a naive soldier’s
seduction by a gypsy
his descent into crime
her dumping him
for a new lover
his rage and murder
of his ex-mistress

doesn’t this 150 year old melodrama
despite it’s gorgeous music
and extremely talented voices
have a distinct scent of
nineteenth century male chauvinism
and even misogyny

still I love this opera

the music
the singers
the passions
the denouement

free association
it’s 5:42 AM
sleep impossible
no stars out tonight

the computer
a blank screen to
match my blank mind

nothing there
nothing in here

Siegfried’s magic sword Nothung
needed to cut
through the blanks

show the living flesh
raw and bloody
to stimulate the senses
sensitize the reader to our thoughts

there now
I caught your attention


born and raised in new york in the 1920’s, fought in world war ll, graduated as an engineer, was in several businesses, found love, marriage, raised three lovely daughters, while pursuing a career, with my wife, in high fashion ladies clothing.  I have recorded many tales from a long and busy life, all true.  So far 15 of my memoirs and 113 of my poems have been published in  4 years.

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