Sunday 5 November 2017

Editor's Notes: for Kate Emily Yuan

dear PP Friends,

one thing related is the fact that about two weeks ago, we opened a facebook page Happy Yangsheng at to share insight, knowledge and experience about yangsheng (literally 'nurturing life' in Chinese, or the Way towards holistic health, happiness and longevity). whoever interested in becoming a yangsheng practitioner please feel more than welcome to take a look and even join our community/discussion.

to all submitters in particular: three important things we hope to remind you of are:
1. when submitting to PP, please paste up to 5 poems together with a brief 3rd person bio note in the body of your email to us; we do not open attachments, nor will we request any bio upon acceptance - this will help reduce our computer time;
2. once accepted, please wait at least one year before submitting new work again - this will allow us to feature more authors.
3. as our attention span is short, we always prefer shorter lyrical poems.

In addition, as 11 November 2017 will be our 5th anniversary, we would like to recall that our impulse to found Poetry Pacific on the Canadian Remembrance Day five year ago was to have a platform for our then teenager editor Allen Qing Yuan to practise his editing skills. Since that time, he has certainly been learning a great deal. At the same time, it is Kate Emily Yuan who has been functioning as our spiritual supporter; otherwise, we would not be able to have persisted and prospered in a sense. So, this issue is dedicated to her.


in this issue, we are honored to present 73 poets and 3 visual artists. if you have nothing better to do, enjoy reading/viewing...

with warmest regards,

- eds. @ PP

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