Sunday 5 November 2017

2 Poems by Terry Jude Miller

A Life of Disbelief

what is coming back
over dusk's edge
is the part of you
set adrift years ago
on the sea of disillusionment

it has gathered the barnacles
of broken promises and dandelions
and the curve of the grackle's wing

it returns with regret and grief
stacked high and full
in its hull, like sacks
of seed rice that will
never be planted

long gone are angelic creatures
they sing only once
in each man's life
so you must learn quickly
or not at all

hear the rumble you hope
is thunder, but you know
it's the hooves of a lone rider's horse,
the robed traveler come to collect his due

Insomnia, The Nymphomaniac

insomnia's an insatiable lover
she wants all your time
both waking and sleeping hours
she wants all of you
your mind, your soul,
the bus schedule in your pajama pocket
and just when you close your eyes
and think she's finally had enough
she pries open your lift lid
and whispers "Peek-a-boo"


Terry Jude Miller is a poet from Houston, Texas. The recipient of many Poetry Society of Texas poetry awards, a Juried Poet for the 2011 & 2012 Houston Poetry Festivals and winner of the Global Peace Poem competition of the 2012 Tyler Peace Festival, his work has been published in scores of publications including anthologies of the Austin International Poetry Festival and the Rio Grande Valley International Poetry Festival, the Texas Poetry Calendar, Harbinger Asylum, Postcard Poems and Prose Magazine, Everyday Poets, the University of Houston's Bayou Review, Ancient Paths, Orbis, Stepping Stones Magazine, Furnace Review, Shine Journal, Blue Skies Poetry, Survivor's Review, Live Oak Review, Lamplighter Review, Bijou Poetry Review, Chaffey Review, Foundling Review,  Houston Literary Review, Boston Literary Magazine, the Edison Literary Review, and the Birmingham Arts Journal. Miller's books of poetry, are titled: "The Day I Killed Superman", "What If I Find Only Moonlight?", and "The Butterfly Canonical" and can be purchased at and  He is a member of the Academy of American Poets, the Poetry Society of Texas, the Gulf Coast Poets Society, and Poets Northwest (Houston).  He is the creator of the Texas Poets Podcast. Terry is a retired professor of eMarketing and held an Innovation Fellowship at Kaplan University.

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