Sunday 5 November 2017

2 Poems by Frank Cavano

I Make Myself the Center of Things

I make myself the center of things
like the Earth before they knew
like the hub of a phantom wheel

can you hear my cry
all you tiny eyes
do I make a spark
somewhere out in space

perhaps at the periphery
I'm more than I pretend to be
centerpieces are for show
centerpieces never know

published in 2014 by vox poetica

Of Pain

In the blazing of a dawning sun one
may sense a flight of angels but
only in the rain can one
see the face of God

published by visionswithvoices [winter 2013-2014]


Frank is a retired psychiatrist living in South Carolina with his wife, Carol. In recent years he has been fortunate to have had more than 120 poems (and short stories) published online and/or in print. Credits include; the Aurorean, Lalitamba, River Poets Signature Series, The Heron's Nest, Modern Haiku, the Penwood Review, the Whirlwind Review, Indigo Rising, visionswithvoices and vox poetica. He is always grateful when an effort stimulates new thought or strikes an emotional chord with a reader.

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