Sunday 5 November 2017

1 Poem by Se Woong Ro

Fallen Leaf

don't say,

"you are beautiful!"

i did not want to fall onto the ground.

i wanted to remain in the branch where I belonged to.

in the summer,

i hided the birds' nest with my green clothes
from the predator's invasion.

i protected the nest from rain, wind and storm.

i enjoyed the musical all birds were orchestrating

in the woods.

but i had to accept my fate to fall onto the ground

in autumn.

but i did not want to fall.

Therefore, don't tell me, "You are beautiful!"


Se Woong Ro is a poet and essayist. Former president of the Yoon Dong-ju Memorial Group-Washington Chapter, he has authored his first poetry book, The Wayfarer of Kilimanjaro , (in Korean) in 2012.

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