Monday 5 November 2018

1 Poem by Byron Beynon


The first red leaves of a Keatsian autumn,
a draught like fire piercing
the dawning air.
They will soon be gone,
beyond the jigsaw of branches,
spent sparks within a creative forge.
Already the unique days
are losing the race,
as individual melodies
fragrant with colour,
scent the hungering wind
as it jingles
a demanding score
that faces the dispossessed horizon,
an impulse of motion
that continued unseen.


Byron Beynon lives in Wales. His work has appeared in several publications including Poetry Pacific, Cyphers, The Stony Thursday Book, London Magazine, Poetry Wales, The Yellow Nib and the human rights anthology In Protest (University of London and Keats House Poets). He co-ordinated the Wales' section of the anthology Fifty Strong (Heinemann). Collections include Cuffs (Rack Press), Human Shores (Lapwing Publications) and The Echoing Coastline (Agenda Editions)."

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