Monday 5 November 2018

1 Poem by Menduh Leka

( Poem for Peace)

They have the right to play hand in hand
to dance to the rhythm of the breeze with no contaminated taste
Give them the divine right not to hear the noise of granades
when they fall down and break the smiling faces

Little serenity until they paint dreams

Did you ever follow
erratic flight of a butterfly when automatic rifle strikes
Or did you ever observe the sun when the smokescreen cover viewing
when blown up with dynamite then flesh and iron and souls disappear?

You would do well to slow down the pace.
Take some of their time
Take care of God’s desire
And the harmony of echoes
Horror will not last forever
But music and peace

When you armor someone’s love and your day ends
you lie on the corpses for a nap
with hundreds of consecutive questions
that come to your mind?
You would do well to slow down breathing and pace.
life has the advantage so please do not destroy it so quickly.
Time is short.
Only the music lasts forever.
And the harmony of echoes for peace around the globe.

And you who fire on a flower or a bird or a man or a butterfly
have you ever heard the music of life?
Do not rush because you have forgotten to take away the voice of peace

Here should remain the Planet of Peace
And climb somewhere to the Dark Planet and dance the deaths’ dances
In that planetary madhouse far away from souls that dance
Hand in hand and smile to the God and Freedom

Allow the to enjoy and live in Peace Planet
In the harmony with all echoes.

With music that will definitely live forever.


Menduh Leka is the editor of MeArteka.

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