Monday 5 November 2018

1 Poem by Morelle Smith

Santa Fe Train

That lonesome train
from the cotton belt to Santa Fe
whistles a forlorn refrain
to the guitar music
from the open window
of The Underground
at Santa Barbara.
Isn’t life strange,
with its heaven and hell embrace?
This duality, this yes/no
this right/wrong, this
long-draw-out affair with

That lonesome freight train
whistling, hollering
and hooting through the night.


Morelle Smith writes fiction, non-fiction and poetry, and has collaborated with other European writers, editing, translating and reviewing their work. Her writing has appeared in various UK and European magazines (New Writing Scotland, TLS, New Eastern Europe, Ljubljana Tales, La Traductière, etc ). In 2014, in the Terra Poetica Festival in Ukraine, she received the Audience Award for her poetry. She has published several books of prose and poetry, the most recent being Every Shade of Blue, a travel memoir, 2015, and Shaping the Water Path, a poetry collection, 2017. She blogs at

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