Monday 5 November 2018

1 Poem by Malavika S. Udayan


An obligatory frog leaps in from the
Great Arabian deserts
To this tiny cabin of mine
At three in the dark
I have my favourite
Ali Sethi-Ahmed Faraz
Track playing on-screen,
The meek now stopped
To check his hind limbs
And hopped directly into
My mauve- green skies
Of illicit happiness,
Later skipped everywhere,
Through, in this wrecked
Constriction of burned breaths
And hot tears
He jumped high into the
Mundane black tea cup
And stared head strong,
Straight into my face,
As if all ready to
Speak my malady in
Shimmies rhyming with the
Music playing.
I winked at him in disapproval
And came out bored,
Leading along with his pitying forelimbs,
He strode through all the
Misses and crosses of
This place’s wooden furniture-
Taking pauses in despair.
Now that he commands me to
Get him out from the window sills,
I opened the panes,
And he took a giant leap of relief,
back, out to the deserts of antiquity.


Malavika S Udayan from Kerala, district situated to the south of India. She has had four of her works published in Muse India lately. She is currently pursuing her Integrated MA at IIT Madras.

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