Monday 5 November 2018

2 Poems by Dean Baltesson

Verses Of The Endless

They have gone mad
contemplating versions
of the black ocean
still waiting to be written
the blond cliffs before it.

Unexpected waves
founder the words
luring us onto rocks
to become predictions of the past
and memories of the future.

All of this experience
is acknowledged and drowned
with equanimity
in the black ocean
still waiting to be written.

Some Time At Sea

How far out to sea
must you chance
to see all
of what is left on land.

How much suffering
must you greet
to acknowledge
what the heart feels.

The colours of the sea
as blue as they are deep
as emerald as emerald
are often too beautiful.

How many more dreams
of a lighthouse
swept beyond the
ultimate sweep of navigation.

How much time at sea
how broad the waters
to know what it was
to be loved.


Dean Baltesson is a poet and musician living in Victoria BC Canada. He is currently working on a volume of poetry entitled There Must be Words To Describe This. His poetry and can be found in a number of online and print literary journals or on his recent CD “Covering Ground”

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