Monday 5 November 2018

5 Poems by Anna Banasiak


I'm leaving my body
the costumes are borrowed
from the changing room of life
my face belongs to a foreign person
for the moment
someone's invisible hand
removes my life
as a used prop
I'm leaving
to start playing
in the new mask

The art of flying

stops the essence of existence
ducks immersed in silence
fly free like flames
they dive
stagger sacred circles
my soul
spreads its wings
flying between two worlds
happy upon a moment
brightened by a light
approaches infinity


water like a mirror reflects faces of the dead
in the play of light and shade I melt

time has stopped in the flight to eternity
bodies sail in the cycle of birth and death

river accepts everything
it takes the memory of things

in tranquil breath of reality
I float on the other side

I can fly higher and higher
passing the limits

born from a drop of creation
in the last gasp of life I pass

The Metamorphosis

life fell apart
in the shade
of being

in silence
I play

in existence

The Dancer

a drop of water
unique in cosmos
in the changing river of time
passing like a single life
I'm only a shadow
dancing in the emptiness


I'm a poet and literary critic. My poems have been published in  New York, London, Surrey, Australia, Canada, India, Africa, Japan, Israel. I'm the winner of poetry competition in London,Berlin and Bratislava. I'm interested in art and psychology.

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