Thursday 5 November 2015

1 Poem by Aaron C Le Mire

Alice in Atwater Village

My first kiss
was a dare
my first drink
was stolen
my first fuck
was a threesome
my first job
I was fired
my first love
had no heart
(may as well have been a whore)
my first fight
I lost and lied
my first car
was older than me
my first girlfriend
was a French cutie
(I’d never forgive myself for cheating)
my first fifteen minutes
I was seventeen
my first toke
was through someone’s lips
my first blowjob
was from the prom queen
I have known
no normal
I have known
no bounds
I’ve built up a tolerance
lung capacity
I inhale colors and sounds
that play in brilliant gashes
in front of me
I look back on my life so far
while I soak in memories

kaleidoscope lights
waves of lives, loves lost and
such a beautiful sight
enough to make bubbles
in my spine
I made the best with what I had
and with what I had I did alright
I put up a fight
I put a damn good fight.


I’m an alumni of the University of Minnesota and a freelance writer based in Los Angeles, California. I've written six feature spec-scripts and a treatment for a reality TV show that garnered representation at N.S. Bienstock, one of the largest talent agencies in the United States.

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