Thursday 5 November 2015

5 Poems by Kapardeli Eftichia


Pain lot 
Oh! cool night 
divided the lives of people 
in both the Sun and the Rain 
The moans of flowers 
wounded in that 
the slope with 
white trail 
poured in Heaven 
Flowers, the air of God 
hug widen 
eternal silence 
sweet kissed 
And this flower 
define your will, 
Your heart your thought into 
a turbine which widens 
in a circle ever 
not Dying 
In a yellow flower 
pollen of love 
the name you chose 
Oh! my heart 

First blossom

Low clouds 
resting on the window 
and weeping incessantly 
You left without a word all alone 
the night flowers eyelids 
midnight opening 
White lilies 
flourished under a 
handful of sky 
First blossoms you 
the communion of Heaven 
The safeguard your lips judder 
in this long journey 
got the body of hesitation 
and leaned to sleep 
the soil to the sweet 
rain after wrist 
Correct me love 
veins dream 
the first dawn, anthochyto 
smiley through color 
night and motionless 
silence you !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 
Friends grow away from us 
Half the road of dawn 
White thoughts on caches 
of mind 
a celestial ceremony 


The seed of silence 
unites Heaven 
the earth 
Autumn and lost 
in that veil 
rain constellations 
On wet rocks 
naked truth 
silent, timeless, eternal 
fear, sadness, guilt 
In the shadow of the mountain 
open roses 
kissing in rain 
not passing 
let alone in real 
fate, the petals on the ground 
The trail reaches ... 
in the old days 
fog every day 
sky fades 
I lost the way of Summer 
celestial rings were 
the intimate thoughts 

Colors and tones

Silence has no outputs 
trapped ... sounds 
wakes up ... and looks 
have only memory 
The sounds grew 
with them and 
I learned to serve their 
why not stay 
traveling with me ... 
every minute 
Thus colors 
and sounds 
senses are 
record of my life 
the progress made ... 
memories and 


The paintings in the Summer 
colors in the calm eyes 
the vast land 
weet plotted 
New stars in the Horizon 
the flower of the day 
unexpected youth 
the wide virtue 
The new hope, new earth 
the heart and the look, lives 
warm flesh the body 
revealed fragile 
on the palms of the earth 
A red line 
flame with lances 
in on the edge of the lips 
of land naked bodies 
bare mysteries 
Kissing thousands of degrees 
free loves 
the soul and body 
a fragrance 
in flaming yellow flowers 
Multiply light ..Summer 


Dr. Kapardeli Eftichia has a Doctorate from ARTS AND CULTURE WORLD ACADEMY
Born in Athens and live in Patras. She writes poetry, stories, short stories, xai-kou , essays, novels. She deals with the painting and participates in treble choirs as a soprano. She studied journalism AKEM (Athenian training center). He has many awards in national competitions first, second and third prizes. Her work is included in many national and international anthologies. She is author of the Indian Academy Anthology The first collections of poetry are confiding and light. She has a section at the University of Cyprus in Greek culture and is a member of the world poets society. The official website is http://world-poets.blogspot. com / is a member of the IWA (international writers) chaired by Teresinka Pereira Address Maizonos 229, TK 26222

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