Thursday 5 November 2015

1 Poem by Kaitlyn Frazier

Guide Me

Drunken stupor, fading light
Guide me, guide me thro’ the night
Soul foreboding, enticing sprite,
Guides me, guides me to the light.
Sizzling spirit, wistful Wight,
Fills me, fills me, full with fright.
Host of Heav’n clutches tight
Mournful, mournful so contrite.
Fading fast, losing sight,
Help me, help me put this right.
Weakening swiftly, afraid to fight,
Lord, dear Lord, enhance my might.

If I lived before I sleep,
I pray the Devil’s heart to weep.


Kaitlyn Frazier is a nineteen-year-old freshman at North-West Shoals Community College where she is aspiring to be an English major. She was born and raised in Florence, Alabama and graduated from Central High School. Reading and writing both have been a passion of hers since the day that was she capable. Her senior year, she was awarded an honorable mention in the North Alabama Renaissance Sonnet Writing Contest for her poem, ‘Old One,’ and this same poem was published in the Lauderdale County literary magazine Sweet Inspirations. She has four other published poems: ‘A Girl and a Mirror’ and ‘Sin,’ of the Belle Reve Literary Journal, ‘A Riddle Called Time,’ of Belleville Park Pages, and ‘Art of Humanity,’ of the Corner Club Press.

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