Thursday 5 November 2015

3 Poems by Nancy P. Davenport

poem for my big sister

it’s the time of
the year

I could              follow   you       around,

find you

by peel,                        (by following your sweet smell)

grape cluster scaffoldings         peach pits left on windowsills

a trail of cherry pits

the glove of      a banana           left on your dash,

an apple core
left in the
ash tray

old kitchen


while cleaning out
the right-           hand

in mom’s kitchen

the cloves & curry


on the floor

making the room
smell Medieval

Tea-Bag Message

cleanliness is
next to


the little square
attached to
my                    teabag

I clean my kitchen and feel                     Godly

but when I go back
to make
my bed

and smell him
on my sheets

I choose to be               human


My poems have appeared in BURNING GRAPE, BICYCLE REVIEW, HAIGHT-ASHBURY LITERARY JOURNAL, LILLIPUT REVIEW, BLUE FIFTH REVIEW, POETRY QUARTERLY, RED FEZ, among others.  I've had poems published in anthologies, UNDER COVER, SPARRING WITH BEATNIK GHOSTS, and an upcoming feminist anthology, RETURN TO MAGO.  My chapbook, LA BRIZNA, was published in May 2014.

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