Thursday 5 November 2015

1 Poem by Ava Collopy


I drank Ambrosia, tipped her whispering veins
   Tip my veins and taste what is forbidden of mine
You can taste, smell, touch, hear, and see
   But never comprehend my mind

Now my best years seem like an ancient city
   And I can no longer comprehend the simplicity
Of my young, blunt hieroglyphics

   So take a picture, it lasts longer
Before long age creeps in—the silent killer
   And the person you loved to be is gone forever

Once on your feet, a striking warrior
   Then you find yourself just sitting there, worrying
Conformity is the polite coffin of society

   Responsibility meaning certain death
But the sterility of no thoughts or feelings
   Makes you feel so clean

Your soul is salted earth, left infertile
   Until the day you can’t even remember
When you leapt beyond understanding and drank Ambrosia
   For now the liquid fire of your soul’s blood is dead


Ava Collopy is published in Treading Water, Ascent Aspirations, and others. She’s from Oregon, U.S. and presently studies and does volunteer work in Ireland. Her website is:

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