Thursday 5 November 2015

2 Poems by B.Z. Niditch


Entangled by sun rising words
and metaphors
in a divine parachute
and wounded umbrellas
amid a translated Spanish rain
among sister's wild roses
you wave by the South seas
nodding to adolescence
among the presence
of grinning sunflowers
foraging for a glimpse
of sailboats in a  day
fleeing the greenhouses
by back roads of bees
you dream and tremble
for simple things
like butterflies
in the mountains
escaping bitter troubles,
no memory holds you back
among gardens
of scattered ashes
against the quiet river's mouth
by the docks at twilight.


Invincible paint
of sky blue haze
with patches of hilly light
splashed on my eyes
still dripping
in my admiring gestures
at the museum's portraits
and now on film
with students surrounding us
at close distance
with questions,
but who can answer
the uncovering of genius.


BZ Niditch's new collection will be EVERYTHING, EVERYWHERE, Penhead Press;his "Expressionist Poems" appear in a chapbook in Minataur #73, Port Townsend Press.

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