Thursday 5 November 2015

Editorial Notes

dear all PP Friends,

on 8 august, we recommended 6 poems for possible inclusion in the 2015 Best of the Net Anthology, based on the pageview statistics and our concept of what 'best' represents our magazine. the poems which we will post respectively on our 5000-strong facebook are:
1/ 'I’ve told you the fragility of my love' (PP 4.1) by Koon Woon;
2/ 'Komodo Dragon' (PP 4.1)by Allen Qing Yuan;
3/ 'Pale' (PP 4.1)by Stacey Margaret Jones;
4/ 'Intricate Wrongs, Unvaried Histories' (PP 3.4)by Sam Smith;
5/ 'The Obituary' (PP 3.3)by Gershon Ben-Avraham;
6/ 'Autumn Leaves' (PP 3.2)by JoyAnne O'Donnell.
to follow the guidelines, all these pieces were published online between july 1, 2014 and june 30, 2015. -- good luck to the creators.

in late may we here at Poetry Pacific Press published our first bilingual (chinese and english) edition of Create Abundance, a book about body-spirit-mind growth by Zhang Xinyue; in september, we published another bilingual edition of Wisdom for Abundance, a collection of spiritually reflective or philosophical poetry by the same renowned author. for each book, we printed 30,000 hard-cover copies (in china to reduce the costs), but the author and her corporate institution are responsible for distribution and circulation.

our upcoming spring issue of 2016 (5.1) is slated for release on 20 april rather than on 5 may, two weeks earlier than usual because in late april next year, both editors of PP will have to leave canada for health/medical reasons and stay in china for at least six weeks, where no googling is possible yet.

from this year on, we will nominate 6 poems/poets not only for the Pushcart Prize but also for the Best of Net Anthology on a regular basis, but we will not notify each nominee of our nominations: we have to keep our computer time at the minimal level (mainly for health reasons); more important, we encourage and welcome each contributor to revisit our site at least once after his/her work appears in it.

the isbn number assigned to Poetry Pacific (4.2) is 978-0-9919298-6-3.

the coverart: Gary Cummiskey.

in this issue, we are honoured to feature 4 visual artists and 73 poetry creators. 

happy perusing and pursuing!

-PP editorial team



  1. Wonderful publication! Take care in your travels and medical care. Blessings to all.

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