Thursday 5 November 2015

2 Poems by Fizza Abbas

I Discovered God!

Spending a sad day and battling with the night,
Losing my insight but undaunted and upright.
Accepting the miseries and welcoming the gloom,
Diverting the path of merry and bloom.
Marking the journey with horror and haunts,
Lamenting my decisions with lots of taunts.
Aggravating the life with dogmas and fears,
Leaving behind all my beloveds and dears.
Turning my life into a grayish mode,
Trapping between the junction and node.
Smiling blissfully, He looked at me,
A signing elation, happiness or glee.
Looking at Him, my heart skipped a beat,
Purifying my soul so clean and neat.
Feeling His presence was a great joy,
Presenting myself in a bucket of lie.
Asking Him the cause of my dismays,
Pointing His fingers, He says,
“Desiring to make you strong willed,
Doing all to make you polished and a-pilled.
Directing you towards serene,
Coloring your life from black to green.
Making you courageous and strong,
Stop thinking that I’ve done anything wrong!
Directing the victories on your way,
Showing you a new directive ray.
But believing me has never been your desire,
Loving you heartily is not for the sake of praise or admire.”

From Abert to Einstein

Your forked soul and tasseled persona,
Penetrated through the orifice of anomaly;
Intelligible; Marked by an insane cognition,
Quadrangle of engrossment preceded by revolutions.


Fizza Abbas has recently completed her intermediate. Her poems have been published in Yellowroot and Revolution Flame. She is currently working as a content writer.

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