Thursday 5 November 2015

2 Poems by Garrett Sly

Careless Thoughts

Many battles, I've won and lost
Picking myself up in fear of defeat
I have no choice but to stand alone
I trust myself but no one knew
What I thought as I sat alone
My body shakes as I grab the blade
Thinking of cause and effect
Not caring what comes next
A hand on my back, searching for faith
Do I have any left?
The answer to the question lingers in the air
With no answer in mind
I search further digging deep
I'm trying as hard as I can, I hope you know
I wish I had the answers, but so don't you
In the end, I look in the mirror at a small man and a coward.


As if you knew what I've been through
Deep feelings and dark thoughts
They provoke me every night
I lay alone and stare at the ceiling
I never felt love and tenderness
My childhood was stolen
By an imaginary thief
My feelings I've held in, they scream, hoping you'll hear
A cry for help, a last resort of sorts
My last chance to set things straight
My last chance to clear my name
So many things, so little time
So many people and so many crimes
Helpless souls, going nowhere, the final destination
I feel as if I've tried my best
I hope you see how much I truly cared
I know I was never there
Let me repay you
But I've got nothing left
It was stolen.


My name is Garrett. I'm 15. I'm an up and coming writer. I write poems, short stories and maybe a full length novel one day.

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