Thursday 5 November 2015

4 Poems by Stephen Gill



The dove of my longing
sanctified in the sanctum of serenity
wings towards
the sky of solitude--
the planet of safety.
She flutters
because of the winds
and cold.
Underneath her flight
there are only humans
no nations.

Gill- 2

She radiates
hues of nondepictable truth
that consecrates
the emptiness of her surroundings.
The leaf that she carries
is from the evergreen tree
of never-ending hope.
The psalm of her silence
greets the emergence
for a cheerful tomorrow.


I am
often greeted by the bursting flutters
of my dove
while rambling the rayless resort
of the fears
from the scamps of my surrounding.

I hear
some unknown voice calling her
to be above the confusing cries
of mindless feverishness
and the hounds of alienation
from the houses of infamy.

I see her
fleeing from the blinding fog
of human conceits
blank eyes
facing blank walls of the present
half-blossomed flowers

Gill- 3

of the youth of aspirations
meaningless pledges of our leaders
and above all
those concerns which lie
in the locker
of the anchored ship of memories.

A soothing glow
from a fireplace of compassion
that would radiates
the redness of young lips
burning the decaying stems
of the buds of the past,
should entice my dove
before the last star of the evening
bids her farewell
for ever.


Let us walk
side by side
my friend
to seek out that dove
that has been sought
since Adam's time.
Let us go
guiding one another
above the snow-capped hills
into the bewildered valleys
to bring that bird home.

Let us ask all beings
even the beasts
if they would
give us their hands.
Let us not surrender.
Gill- 4

I hear the dove's melody
in my soul;
I see its face
before my eyes;
I feel its beat
in my blood;
I envision it flying
across my horizon;
I smell its presence                                  
in the air.                                                    

Hands linked
like brothers
walking side by side
like twins
in the light
dusk or dark
though blind-folded                                              
yet bound in a design
let us go.

Directing one another
let us march
to embrace that dove
before we die.


Away from the slings of vanities
far from temporal confinements
so high you soar.
The crown of solitude
provides your strength.

Sailing on the wings of my songs
I trespass your creation
to borrow
timeless reposing waves
to recreate
in every stroke of my pen.
Gill- 5

With your milk-like feathers
floating with the winds of liberty
you accompany the angels.
Bathing in the sunshine
you play with radiant clouds.
Your impenetrable serenity
tears the blindfolds of intolerance
which consume the rays of virtue.

Unlike humans
you do not treasure
the secrets of love
behind steel doors.
You release around you
soothing calm
that leaves the traces of life
on our lips and cheeks.

From the void of surroundings,
concerns wrapping in a shawl of humility
I enter the shrine of your presence
to be a poet born again.


Multiple award winning Stephen Gill has authored more than twenty books, including novels, literary criticism, and collections of poems. He is the subject of doctoral dissertations, and research papers. Nine books have been released by scholars and more are to be released on his works.  (Websites:; )

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