Friday 5 May 2023

1 Poem by David Alexander Brown

Loving You

Unmanageable at times...

I cannot tell you of all my wonderings,
Look at me,
Here I am sitting by the phone,
Thinking of our last conversation,
Without words to properly say in my heart-of-hearts,

Obsessed with you:
Your smell,
Your taste,
Your smile,
Your tears,
Wanting always to draw you near;
You are this abnormality
That confuses my heart and mind...

We share this space in time,
This passion,
This drama we call our lives...

It is disturbing,
Down right unmanageable at times...

I search for you,
I long for you in my life...

Here is the question of all questions I have for you my dear,


I was born and raised in New York City and joined the United States military when I was just 17 years old. I served my country for 24 years and retired the United States Navy Chief Petty Officer.
I relocated to North Carolina have to being sick for long period of time with service related illnesses. I spent my recovery time writing and I discovered that I have a love for the written word.
I love riding poems about human emotions, the silent screams that feel all hearts, our minds and our souls throughout our lives.
There are so many unspoken words that we share amongst each other every day. I love to describe that which is often thought to be indescribable.
Fears, desires, wants and heartfelt screams that can only be heard by your soul. Things that can only be experienced with tears and deep felt sorrow, uncontrollable laughter and moments a passionate joy, it's the power of the written word. I enjoy the written word.
I have a series of poems called silent scream, most wanted heart and view from within.

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