Friday 5 May 2023

4 Collages by Kathy Bruce for 2024



The Whole Earth and Sky is the World



I am passionate about creating collages that have the potential to generate a public awareness of our relationship as humans to the natural world. What interests me is the way in which female figures correspond to structures in Nature: botanicals, trees, and landscape. This can manifest itself either internally or externally in the form of patterns, fashion, or metaphorical context to reveal the subtle yet enchanting similarities between the inner life of plants, trees and humans.

The works submitted here represent collages exploring the relationship between women, plants and nature.


Kathy Bruce’s collages explore archetypal female and mythological forms within the context of poetry, literature and the natural environment. She is based in Upstate New York and Argyll & Bute Scotland.
She has exhibited in the US, UK and internationally including Senegal, Taiwan, France, Denmark, Peru and Canada. Her work has appeared in Three Rooms Press, The Vassar Review, Alchemy Literary Magazine, Open Minds Quarterly Journal, The Perch, Yale University School of Medicine, The New Southern Fugitives, Up the Staircase Quarterly, The Ignition literary Journal, The Variant Literature, Landlocked Literary Magazine, The Rejoiner, The Brooklyn Review, Twyckenham Notes, The Porter House Review, Pushing Out the Boat, and The U.S. National Women’s History Museum Journal project.

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