Friday 5 May 2023

2 Poems by G. Timothy Gordan

Like Spring

Spring heart all askew
like the restless blue tide
moved by the moon
heaving and swelling
from out-beyond blue,
now rushing blindly
egret and tern, petite blue heron
ashore, breakers winnowing back
hedgerow reeds and rushes
where blue passion flowers
sleep in the thickets
beneath nightlight,
blue-beautiful, safe, settled,
unmoved by shoreline swell,
farther-out pulsing blue sea,
far from what I'd imagined
they might have felt, if anything,
like spring in a human heart.


The apple is ready to slice.
First, blade-to-skin,
pared in-round,
then back again bald.
Core it! Halves whistle
clean apart, move
back again, whole.
Breathe into eighths
and set whole
on your tongue
for one hour.
Draw the blind.
Someone may hear.


Gordon’s DREAM WIND was published 2020 (Spirit-of-the-Ram), GROUND OF THIS BLUE EARTH (Mellen), while EVERYTHING SPEAKING CHINESE received RIVERSTONE P Poetry Prize (AZ). Work appears in AGNI, Cincinnati PR, Mississippi R, New York Q, Phoebe, RHINO, Sonora R, and Texas Observer, among others. Recognitions include NEA and NEH fellowships and several Pushcart nominations.
EMPTY HEAVEN/EMPTY EARTH, a 56-poetry manuscript, is almost complete.

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