Friday 5 May 2023

4 Poems by Shiyan Cole


I never want us to get too comfortable

Where our love is predictable

I want our passion to burn brighter

And our love to root deeper

I want us to love like this

Because comfort ate more dreams

Than heartbreak ever did

I want love to keep us

at the edge of our dreams

panting for more…


Burning desires

which suffocate

don’t grow roots.

How can they?

Rather they float

around for awhile

like fire flies

with no lasting mark

just a contour

on the detour

to Love.


My words feel

like sunshine

but can distort

the colours

of your rainbow.

That’s how I fight.

I throw words

with laser sharp cuts.

Loaded with precision

ready for war.

Aiming at your heart

the soft centered part.

For you to feel




You keep flaunting this sugary love

That will kill me one day

Yet I find myself saying

“Let’s make syrup together”.


Shiyan Cole is a Nigerian British writer, drawing inspiration from her life experiences in both London and Lagos. Her poetry focuses on themes of love, heartbreak, and healing, reflecting her passion for encouraging others to live authentically and fulfill their purpose. Shiyan is an accomplished entrepreneur, having founded a much-loved gourmet popcorn brand, and excelled in the corporate world in the fields of auditing and finance.

In addition to her accomplishments, she is an emerging writer currently working on her first fiction book. A decade plus ago, she wrote a short story on how she met the love of her life on London’s Northern line and is now happily married with three boys. Shiyan is excited to share her unique voice and experiences with the world, with the hope of inspiring readers to give love a chance and live their best lives.

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