Friday 5 May 2023

1 Poem by Ray Greenblatt


The club is swinging tonight,
your gossamer gown gorgeous
coiffure a cloud
my bow tie strung just right
can see myself in my shoes
the beef hot and juicy
vegetables fresh off the cart,
the horns melt bending notes
rhythm guitar follows tracks
of singing rails
drums cooking with those
big ladles pounding,
we twirl and twirl
did and dip
our smiles reflected in chandeliers
this is the center of things;
hard to believe after hours
the band will splay out to
dank rented rooms
on down-trodden streets
the beat lost
energy imploded.


Ray Greenblatt’s newest collection of poetry is FROM AN OLD HOTEL ON THE IRISH COA ST (Parnilis Media, 2023).He has written book reviews for the Dylan Thomas Society, the John Updike Society, and Joseph Conrad Today. HIs poetry has been translated into Polish, Greek, and Japanese.

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