Friday 5 May 2023

6 Paintings by Doug Johnson

Malala: Don't Ignore Us

20" x 28" image

Pen and Ink on Paper


Santana's Sacred Fire

30" x 40"

Oil on Canvas-2017


Juan Rulfo

"10.5 x 14.5"

Pen and Ink on Paper



28" x 20"

Pen and Ink on Paper- 2016

NFS-Private Collection

LiBiFeng: Invisible Walls, Whose Walls?

27" by 20"

Pen and Ink on Paper


10,000 Caras son Uno

26" x 33"

Pen and Ink on Paper- 2015


Artist's Statement:

Peace + Art = Pazarte.

Creating art and creating peace both bring about a new vision. Mandela knew that. Gandhi knew that. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., knew that. Malala knows that. Pazarte is a project to celebrate the leaders of peace in our time, by illustrating their person and power through art. This site also celebrates and illustrates the peace brought about by humans balancing their role in nature.

Doug Johnson is an artist, composer, writer and publisher that loves to collaborate. These pieces have shown nationally as of late, and the series follows his internationally acclaimed mentor, Alfredo Arreguin, who has his own pieces in the Smithsonian, honoring the Civil Rights Movement. This entire collection is the Sombra de Arreguin series. A portion of each sale goes toward a specific non-profit that helps bring peace. Malala to Malala's Fund. Carlos Santana to the Milagro Foundation. You get the idea.

Stay tuned for a book from Cave Moon Press to help a fellow artist Christie Tirado

Contact pazarteproject[at] for more information on projects, commissions and sales.


Doug Johnson is a polymath and member of American Mensa, who chose to apply his gifts in the arts and teaching. In his 32nd year as a public educator, he remains a high school English teacher while running a literary press to "Make the World a Better Place One Book at a Time." Cave Moon Press continues to publish books aimed at museums, universities, poets and children to advance causes for peace. Besides the art pieces you see here you can Google his other projects at Cave Moon Press and Cave Moon Productions. Please contact him for collaboration opportunities at cavemoonpress[at]

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