Friday 5 May 2023

1 Poem by Paweł Markiewicz

Poem of not-Hindu for Goddess Krishna

full chalice and I become an existence
when your memory shines
the dreamy chalice -
I miss
and I want it
a cup without blood comes true
magic of the dew - fulfilled
I am a blissful butterfly
for your sake
you turn dew into essence
into fog over the volcano
as well as into numinous sacred cow
and I am the magic of the night
a spring and a miracle
the heart with many songs
I adore this rainbow
you paint a revelry in it
the heart of the poet
my soul - dreaming
in your dreams - memories
to this cornflower
You are your glorified soul
a rainbow of being and perfect
fleeting wings of poetry
in your soul-cave - dwarf
in this pond - mirror
your mirror loves
a melancholy
the cave darkness
the light from the moon
rest in me
in you a thousand lights
of winged being
I have found myself
in your
butterflylike heart
I will you
in the breeze
and in a seagull
of the mornings


Paweł Markiewicz was born 1983 in Siemiatycze in Poland. He is poet who lives in Bielsk Podlaski and writes tender poems, haiku as well as long poems. PaweÅ‚ has published his poetries in many magazines. He writes in English and German.

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