Friday 5 May 2023

3 Poems & 3 Haiku by JE Solo

I've got a laptop

I've got a laptop
and I've got a phone
But when I'm out
I’m not sure
where I've gone

I’ve got a light
and I've got a gun
But when I shoot
I’m not sure
what I've done

The future is a garbage dump

The future is a garbage dump
where all our worries live in a pile
and all our plans are cast aside like broken toys
and the rain falls on the pages of our ruined books

The future is a garbage dump
where all our hopes lie in a pile
and all our sorrows are stacked like dirty dishes
and the rain fills the overgrown pots in our gardens

The future is a garbage dump
where all our love lies broken in a pile
and our dreams are burnt out like lightbulbs that no one can change
and the rain floods our basements and stains things and turns our streets into rivers

Time is a Book

Time is a book
And the pages of the book are the days of the years
And the past is the cover of the book
And the future is the next page
And the first page is now
And the whole book is the future and the past and the present
And the whole book is written
And the last page is blank
And the next page is the future
And the first page is now

3 Titled Haiku

she mops up the bones
from the cracks in the sea floor
sifting through the sand

Snowflakes flowing down
Poetry is included
Welcome to winter

After the spring rain
Red maple buds hold droplets
That glitter with light


JE Solo is a writer, performance and media artist, and musician best known for their work in East Coast music, and as a trailblazer in machinima, hybrid-reality, and live and networked performance art. JE’s first novel, Phreak (House of Zolo, 2020), was short-listed for the Writer’s Alliance of Newfoundland and Labrador’s 2017 Fresh Fish Award, and is the Write Project’s 2020 Book of the Year. In 2022 JE released three illustrated short stories with Edge; and coming up in 2023 JE’s ten story collection, Nature, Human will be published by House of Zolo. Since 2019 JE has been developing an A.I. Poet Being (aka Sapphire) by merging multiple technologies including AI Text Generation, Virtual Reality, quantum computing, and machine learning. The Poet Being has been trained on JE’s song lyrics and programmed to write poems in the style of JE Solo. The finished poems result from prompts created by the Author and the subsequent conversations that happen between the author and the Poet Being, followed by a writing and editing process by the Author. See: And

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