Wednesday 5 May 2021

1 Poem by Azam Bulbulia

 The Soul’s String

In one more crowded moment,
I scanned the chaos of life
for a fleeting sight of you,
my heart quickening around
its warm, flesh-fresh scars.
A splinter blurred my vision,
so terribly afraid of seeing
beauty deflect time again.
And, strung too fervently,
my soul’s last string wound
tightly around old delusion,
a warping, overplayed harp
plucked one touch too many
at the stroke of seeing you.
Of knowing you free of me,
resiling at reluctant memory.
So, broken, the string sings,
in coils discordant, as ends
fray to fall from the bent nail.


I have been writing poetry for many years, although I have only recently started submitting my poems for consideration for publication. I work as a lawyer in Sydney, Australia, although my dream is to one day devote my life wholly and solely to literature and poetry. I am also currently finalizing my first [novel-length] fiction manuscript for submission for publication. I have not been published in any form to date.


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