Wednesday 5 May 2021

3 Poems by Geri Gale

 From One Night to the Next

(After reading a line from an E. E. Cummings poem:
“I who have died am alive again today”)

I die and reborn every day

people say I live for one death

yet I die and die every day

from one night to the next.


Memory slants everything

like a crab moving forward

and backward in its shell.


The death and

the undeath of me—

my first breath

a separation

my second breath


my third breath


my fourth breath



After many days

of hanging on

to life I am tired

of the furious men

spilling their fury

all over my land.


Between one form
of death and another

people are haunted

crystals of hurt

corridors of hurry

hurry time passing

lethal to the left

lifegiving to the right

hate curdled in their past.

A Leopard in My Ravenna-Bryant Neighborhood

On my walk in the neighborhood

a walk walked a hundred thousand times

a route where I believe I’ve seen

everything there is left to see

I see something never seen before.

A crow on top of a jungle gym.

How could I have missed it?

How do we miss these startling things?


On my walk to my bed

a walk walked a million times

a passage where I’ve seen

everything close to me

I see something never seen before.

A spider crawling out of a crack in the wall.

How could I have missed it?

How do we miss these shattering things?


On my walk to my grave

a walk walked many a nighttime

a cemetery where I’ve seen

chaos conflict decay death

everything I’m supposed to see

I see something never seen before.

A leopard sitting atop a stone slab luring me.

How could I have missed her?

How do we miss these spotted savage things?


Geri Gale’s award-winning books include: Patrice: a poemella (2015 Silver IPPY Award: GLBT Fiction, Independent Publisher Book) and Alex: The Double-Rescue Dog (2016 National Indie Excellence Award, Picture Book, Finalist); and Waiting: prosepoems (Dancing Girl Press). She is also a 2016 Moth StorySLAM winner and performed in the Moth Seattle Grand Slam. Currently she works as a copyeditor at Starbucks Creative Studio and writes and draws at night and on weekends. Kirkus Reviews wrote of her debut book Patrice: a poemella—“An intense, sumptuous prose-poetry exploration of inspiration, sacrifice and art. A baroque, sensual tour de force that elevates art above all else.” Her poetry and prose have appeared in Sinister Wisdom, South Loop Review: Creative Nonfiction + Art, Bayou Magazine, Under the Sun, Raven Chronicles, Sunday Ink, Otoliths, and the Canadian Jewish Outlook.

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