Wednesday 5 May 2021

1 Poem by Danielle Page

 The Messenger

Have you ever seen the wind carry a message?
Through the turning of leaves or a rush of
tufts of white dandelion
Swirling, seemingly incoherent
Across the void of water and rock
Straight to you?

And you can listen
Just this once
To the point that the wind is trying to make
to all of us.

The presence of a force much greater
than our own raises the skin to what
would be a mountainous path to an

And you can feel the wind’s breath withdraw
The courier moves onward to a better place
to impart its knowledge
And the inhale you make
Brings scents of how the world should be.


Danielle Page is an emerging writer from Chattanooga, Tennessee. She hopes to pursue a doctorate in rhetoric and composition to foster a love for writing in college classrooms. When she’s not reading up on composition theory, she’s scribbling in her moleskine journal or hiking a mountainous trail.  Her work has appeared or is forthcoming in the Whale Road Review, Speaking of Marvels, and The Voices Project.  

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