Wednesday 5 May 2021

2 Poems by Sophia Vesely

 The Kite

String six feet long.

Just enough slack

for you to bury me

with the caskets

and still have one hand

grasping the leash.

The other, conveniently privy

to the shadows of these nights.


But on those brilliant, cloudless days,

you erect me in the sky

at the mercy of a dance

I so fiercely despise.


My customary cloth

ripples and undulates

by the command

of your wily fingers.

The sun casts light

and illuminates the red coloring

of my fresh rage.


But I’ve been watching the ocean swell,

and I can smell the impending rain.

I promise you…

when this hurricane comes,

I will billow and surge

with brazen force.

And your fingers will have nothing left

but a shredded tether.

Shadow’s Night

Shadow’s fingers

shred the cloak of midnight:

starry security for my fragile temple.


Shadow’s nails

incise the white porcelain of my neck

with deepened lines of red.


Shadow’s palm

suffocates my breath

and muzzles the wailing cry.


Shadow’s eyes

bore holes into my secrecies

and widen them for ill use.


I’m acquitted only by the sun’s rays.

The fierce irony: handsome night betrays.


Sophia Vesely is 19 years old and a class of 2020 high school graduate from St. Petersburg, Florida. She is currently taking a gap year before her matriculation to Swarthmore College in the fall of 2021. Her poems have recently appeared or are forthcoming in W-Poesis, The Bitchin’ Kitsch, The Fiction Week Literary Review, The Blue Marble Review, Writer’s Egg Magazine, Bandit Fiction, Brown Bag Online, Girls Right the World, and Bridge Ink. She also has a published poetry collection on entitled “The Road to Amour de Soi” that explores the complexities of first loves and heartbreak in order to empower young women through the notion of self-love.

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