Wednesday 5 May 2021

3 Poems by Lucas Zulu

 A Busy Ferry

Oh my heart where can you moored a dugout

      on the bank of your river? A bow

that can’t wait in the anchorage every moment

      you stretch your legs it slackens its grip

on you like a granny knot and gives itself to every

      tar when you turn back to the waterside,

its hull nowhere to be seen in the moorage, as if

      it’s not your pleasure boat and you won’t

 say it has no spine and often acts like a busy ferry

      in your brief absence going back and forth

chasing a soul mate like a bee running after a nectar.



It seem like that night you would die childless

         when the morning came, you were heavy with hope

even though, it seem like no stone would sprout from your womb,

                tears spilled from your iris, you looked forward

and faced the deadly consequence bravely

                    so strong enough to rise from your cold ashes,

from your history I learn to forgive,

from your wreckages I learn to appreciate the olive branch,

from your ache I learn to loathe war.


Peace lily

Peace lily, a gentle flower I admire

her serenity in the midst of so much chaos

always troubled by a reek of violence. The smell

that spells more trouble and gives a big clap of thunder

to pinch a piece of joy and a peace of mind. As her lily-white

clashes with rubicund. She’s more zephyr than a whirlwind

and bring a sun to people’s faces and always oozes forgiveness

her presence commands respect, it doesn’t kill her to apologize,

perhaps that’s what keeps her calm. She never bears any grudge

against any wasp that stung her and knows deep down the bees

that pricked her peace with needles and pins thinking it’s a balloon

she won’t burst. She’s got the muscle to dissolve any growing tensions.


Lucas Zulu poet, editor and publisher currently compiling An Anthology of Transportation Poems, Tarifi Pess, South Africa. His work is widely published in Africa as well as in United States of America, United Kingdom, and India you can write to him at

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