Wednesday 5 May 2021

1 Poem by Gayle J. Connolly

 grey zone

not dark not light
nor black or white
not day or night
it's lovers time

shadows threaten
glow consoles
they fought   they loved
who is to blame

not her nor him
in transition she stands
waiting for an answer
in the grey zone


Gayle J. Connolly, a poet and artist from Hamilton, Ontario has numerous publications to her credit, some of them prize-winning. They appear in local and international periodicals and journals. Her collection of poetry, Lifelines, which she also illustrated, was published by Serengeti Press in 2015. Her background of several ethnicities, love of art and travel and devotion to social justice are reflected in her work. She believes in the ability of poetry to capture and clarify moments of our lives, be they everyday occurrences or major events. Her readership includes Canada, The United States, Mexico and India. She is past President of the Tower Poetry Society in Hamilton and has been active in poetry groups in Mexico. She is at the moment working on her second book for which once again she will provide her own illustrations. As a change of pace,  she is trying her hand at short story writing inspired by her childhood years in rural Quebec.

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