Wednesday 5 May 2021

2 Poems by Chad Norman


the Spring
is really
the new season
I feel
so alive
a great song
causes me
to weep,
& then
to smile.


Listening to the endless racket
of old men in love
with their leaf-blowers,

how I would love
to throw a rake
in their mindless piles
destined for the plastic bags
they set at the curb in order
to magically vanish;

the idea of them making noise
obviously escapes any mental
capacity they should have,

the simple thought, perhaps,
missed out on
due to their hearing aids
all being turned off
or requiring new batteries.


Chad Norman lives beside the high-tides of the Bay of Fundy, in what is known as the hub of Nova Scotia. He has given talks and readings in Denmark, Sweden, Wales, Ireland, Scotland, America, and across Canada. His poems continue to appear in publications around the world and have been translated into Danish, Albanian,  Romanian, Turkish, and Italian. His latest collections are Selected & New Poems ( Mosaic Press, Oakville, Ontario, Canada), and Waking Up On The Wrong Side Of the Sky (Grant Block Press, Truro, N.S., Canada). A new collection, Squall: Poems In The Voice Of Mary Shelley, is due out Spring, 2020.

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