Wednesday 5 May 2021

5 Poems by Edward L. Canavan

 1. now the night

a calming storm
to cleanse and replenish

singed wings
grounded flight

held in the safe grace
of distanced ease and
empty spaces

2. punchline

haunted by the dance of memory
how it maybe never was
but how i remember it

bombarded by entities of thought
tricks of the mind to light the fuse

crossed wires of hindsight and hindrance

second guesses thrice quadrupled
as doubt doubles down at every turn
and it often seems
the only one in on the joke
is me.

3. skulls and flowers

a barren landscape
of abandoned monuments
in a psychic city of doubt

this world behind my eyes

a magnificent graveyard
of shining darkness

mad with laughter
and the atrocious beauty
of every truth.

4. all good

precision extracted
wholly by accident

coincidence murmurs
destiny shouts

between a whisper and a scream
is fair game

this is what has been waiting
to be cracked open and laid bare

in the mellowed harsh
of every new day.

5. a spark in the dust

bled bone dry

grace my tomb with presence

there is no death here
only what is left of life

as somewhere
within the cracks
roots take hold

and fresh tendrils
bend toward the light


Edward L. Canavan is an American poet whose work has most recently been published in Harbinger Asylum, Cholla Needles, and Blue Lake Review. His first poetry collection entitled "Wreck Collection" was released by Cyberwit Press in March 2019. Edward's poems were featured as part of The Poetry of Place exhibit at South Pasadena City Hall Gallery in March 2020.    He is a native of the Bronx, NY and currently resides in North Hollywood, California.

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