Wednesday 5 May 2021

4 Poems by Ernie B


End of Day

When shadows creep

Into infinity

The sunset wind makes

Trees sigh and

Wave away the light and

Beckon it back I’m

Seeing two crones

Sitting on the sidewalk

Scratching lottery tickets

Wise enough to guess that


Is easier than winning


Autumn leaves earth-tone

Gems playthings of the

Wind that tosses them

Around till tiring of

The game drops them

Forgotten to the ground

Only to come back to

Kick them around some

Enraged by

The dying of the light


When wild winds

Howl when

Darkness swallows hope

Then tyrants tremble when

Children cry

From hunger

So I see

Footprints in the snow

Where do they go

Two pair go out

Three pair go back soon

Children cry with rage

Soon more

Footprints in the snow


Freeways drag me

Away from work then

Shove me

Into an empty house

Whose cluttered walls

Lie and

Say you’re still here

And echo my


That you would

Leave me

To run away with

Death my

New best friend


Ernie B was born in Portland, Oregon and has lived there (almost) all his life. You can reach him at

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