Wednesday 5 May 2021

5 Poems by Allen Yuan

 Every Youthful Moment

Paving his own
Road, never backing

He does what he wants,
How he wants,
When he wants,
Making the light shine.

He has faith
The future
                                      He’s facing towards.

Enjoying the golden age,
Remembering every page,
Of his life,
Written or unwritten,
He gives it his all, hoping he will not
Every youthful moment.


While the iron
Is hot. Cheers
While we have
Wine to drink
Speak out aloud
While our throats
Are not cut yet
Keep eyes open while
The butterfly passes
In sight. Wait
While the best
Is yet to come
Water the flower
While it is still
Fresh & tender
Reserve a seat
Up in heaven
While the dream
Continues. Take
The Way, & feel
Happy while
Our hearts beat
With hope  

The Headline: An Other Creation List
            In this info-age, every posting is a new post of news.

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Even in this very moment
                                                                           My mind is full
Of struggling presences

Such is
                              Always the case:
                                        The moment its door opens
It is infused with                                               whims & wishes

I stop to squeeze out
                                                           Each bubbling perception
            But it always returns           in a deformed form
                       To occupy the vacated room
                                                          Which has held part of me

You long to become mindful
                                                   Of a spiritual vacuum
                             Yet it never allows for
The briefest moment                                              of emptiness

Were I Ever Absent

                         All human d stances
                         Would be d_ stances
Were I absent
                        Noth ng
                        Could hold together even as a word
Were I absent
                       Ex stence
                       Would break right after an ex
Were I absent
                        L fe
                        Might turn out no more than a typo
Were I absent
                        T me
                        Would stop moving towards me
Were I absent
                        H story
                               Would become a h(ushed ?) story


Allen Yuan, author of Traffic Light, is a 2-time Pushcart and 2-time Best of the Net nominee. A co-editor of Poetry Pacific, Allen currently works as an accountant in Vancouver. Since grade 10, Allen has had poetry appear in more than 70 literary publications across 16 countries, which include Cordite Poetry Review, Literary Review of Canada, Poetry Scotland, Shampoo and Spillway.

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