Wednesday 5 May 2021

5 Poems by Charles Portolano


Dancing where
the waves crash
singing your song
like a siren
out to the sea
daring the tide
to touch you
but the waves
lie down
at your feet
as your golden
skin soaks in
the warm rays
you stretch out
your young body
in the hot, sticky
white sand
breathing deep
under the staring
yellow sun
the waves undulate
across your view
as the tide
shyly kisses
your scarlet
red toenails
you lovingly laugh
having had
your way
with the waves
has heated up
the beach
now come home.                                                                    

Our Hurricane

Early in the morning
you reduce your room
to ruin
tossing your blankets
and pillows
off your bed
as you reel around
and around
like a whirlwind
rushing through
you grow giddy
by the moment
shattering the silence
with your laughter
thundering throughout
the peaceful house
you wreak havoc
on everything
found in your path
leaving the den
in a state
of devastation
with all your toys
scattered everywhere
you storm
into our bedroom
dizzy with excitement
whirling around and
around us
so we are forced
to rush
from our warm bed                                                    
out of fear for                                                            
the safety of our home.                                                          

The Sun Dance

We can focus again
on the fun of living
now that the long
reign of darkness
is finally over
and your pain
has been purged
freeing you from
your confinement
to stargaze
at the heavens
rigorously renewing
your great urge
to explore your world
finds you waiting
in the garden
for the green tomatoes
to turn red
only to run out
testing the limits
you take flight
dashing straight for
the dangerous street
laughing when caught
we circle around
and around together
daring to dance again
frolicking in overdrive
under the smiling sun
growing so strong.

The Garden

A sigh of relief quickly
flows from her
the moment she enters
its wonderful aura
reaches out to her
drawing her in
to protect her
saving her sanity
digging deep
into that hard ground
like a farmer
working the good earth
preparing to raise crops
she has great fun
in the open air
getting out
all that anger
laying out the beds
is good therapy
turning over topsoil
getting exercise
working off the stress
hanging loose
with the vegetables
waiting for her touch
knowing each day
she will care for them
cultivating a place
of peace with her
watching over them
growing so straight
under the summer sun.                                                          

In Another’s Shoes

If I could jump
right out of my skin
into the shoes
of another
to suddenly experience
the feelings
of another
whole new world
to see through
another’s eyes
a completely
different perspective
to learn of another’s
loves and hates
to know their fears
live with their doubts
their concerns
feel their pain
maybe I would be
not so quick
to judge others
as I walk
in their footsteps
down a different path
gaining insight into
a new way of being
making me grow
with the power
to appreciate
how much alike
we all really are
under the skin.


Charles Portolano is the Editor/Publisher of The Avocet, a Journal of Nature Poetry and The Weekly Avocet, every weekend.  He is the author of 7 collections of poetry and a chapbook with his daughter, Valerie.  These five poems are from his first collection of poetry, Inspired By Their Spirits, which has just been republished.

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