Wednesday 5 February 2014

1 Poem by Christopher Willard

Do You Envy the Bull’s-eye or the Dart?

A man on a show said he rode a camel and ate camel.
He was clear, it was not the same camel.
I don’t know why he said that. He didn’t seem to have a need
to tell
whether either was a one or two lump camel but he said it was well done,
the eaten one,
not like chicken, more like ground beef.

A man on another show dredged a case of king crabs from the sea.
They were white and beige and pink.
They were all clawing around in their big cage.
The man pulled a crab out of the cage and tore a long leg off it
then ripped it open with his teeth.

On another show the Priest rode in his oogie boogie mobile
like one of those popping bubble toys kids push
or a Calder mobile with our interior crimes suspended by thin wires.


Christopher Willard is a writer and visual artist.  His two novels, Sundre and Garbage Head, have been published by Vehicule Press/Esplanade Books.  He is currenlty pursuing his PhD at the University of Calgary with a focus upon developing a theory of artistic research.

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