Wednesday 5 February 2014

1 Poem by Nicholas Damion Alexander


The valley is a wonderful spectacle
of color: pink poi, red hibiscus,
golden sunflowers; all arranged masterfully
as if by an expert florist.

When the sun shines sincerely
on leaf surface, it sparkles
like a coin; giving the valley a sheen
synonymous to piety.

You marvel at the miracle that is Nature;
the awesome opening of the flower
the brilliant bleat of the goat-

a sound that energizes the valley
like the splendid scrapings of crickets
straight through the night.


I am a teacher of English and Philosophy. I am also a poet. My works have been published in The Jamaica Gleaner, The Jamaica Observer, Caribbean Voice, Tongues of the Ocean, The Caribbean Writer, Small Axe: sx salon, Poets against War, The Cartier Street Review, Auckland Poetry, The Black Collegian, Angelfire, Mr. Africa Poetry Lounge, Eos, Truml, Poemhunter, The First Cut, The View from Here, Snow Monkey, The Weary Blues, The Cynic Online, Poets Online, United World Poets, Nazar Look, Wulfstan, The Rusty Nail, Poem Share, The Screech Owl and the 'Calabash' anthology So Much Things To Say. In 2008 I was awarded a fellowship with Calabash International Writers' Workshop.In 2011, I was featured on e-Buffet's online magazine: "Postcards from the people of Earth". In 2012, I was featured in Squid Inc.(UK), B-Gina and Dagda. <>                

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