Wednesday 5 February 2014

1 Poem by Josh Lisiuk

Fallen Angel 

Slumped and depressed within utopia, grief in the Garden of Eden
Tortured by relentless doubt, plagued by a harrowing indecision?
Is she really worth the highest treason?
He cast his dice, the decisions made, he’s leaving perfection.

The verdict to desert heaven, just renounce nirvana and leave the excellence of above
All for human woman, all for the influential pursuit of a mortal love,
For the messenger imprison by her elegance and captured when she sings,
He retires from his place within the cherub choir,
Removes his halo and relinquish his golden wings.

This morose monotony and belated boredom by the flawless infinity
Slamming the pearly gates behind him and departing thought purgatory
Stood upon the edge of endlessness, Michael and Gabriel chasing in distress
Ignoring the virtuous angelic warning calls. He falls.
Then plummet from the summit to answer her heart felt prayers
 Never again to see the golden gaits and the universal crystal stairs

Falling, fallen, fell
He knows he will suffer to the burning fires of hell
But He longs to kiss her,
Awaken dormant senses to experience the delicate touch of her skin
Lost in his deadly desire, to disregard heaven is the ultimate sin
To abandon heaven above,
All for mortal love,
And how do I know this fateful tale, this beautiful story?
For I am still waiting for an angel to fall for me.


I am a 23 year old poet from Manchester, England. I currently live as a musician but writing poems has always been a passion. My favourite author's is William Blake. I have a fascination with mysticism and ancient magic as well as old greek manuscripts from homer. I frequently perform my poetry at my gigs in Manchester. If you would like to read more please follow my facebook where i try to post poems/artwork as often as possible:

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